Mr. Crotchety

Mr. Crotchety - Rich Amooi Once again Rich Amooi writes an amazing romantic comedy. The really great part is that the main characters are much older than usual. They have pretty much lived their lives, "been there, done that" and Roger Hudson aka "Mr. Crotchety" is a little embittered by what he's been through. Sally Bright on the other hand lives up to her name. Having survived a divorce and cancer she is a bright ray of sunshine, living each day to its fullest. So you can just imagine the fireworks when these two are thrown together.

The best part about Rich Amooi's books are that it feels like you are literally "read watching" a movie. And oh how I wish I had my own personal movie theater just like Mr. Crotchety.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.