His Toughest Call (The Pytheon Security series Book 2)

His Toughest Call (The Pytheon Security series Book 2) - Joss Wood We know a bit about Leah Hamilton's backstory from "Claimed by the Warrior" since it did end with her going to jail. Now we discover why and with whom she goes to jail. Seth Halcott is her brother Jed's best friend. Jed has been trying to keep his distance from Leah ever since he met her. She makes him have dangerous dreams... of a future together and she does not deserve someone like him. She deserves better... more. Unfortunately the miscreant in this book has specifically targeted Jed and has roped those nearest and dearest to him into his web of deceit. Jed has no choice but to pursue him and keep Leah safe, especially when the guy he is after is a ghost from his dark past and is now blatantly taunting him to pursue him.

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