Heat - Karen Foley Tyler lives and breaths smokejumping. That's all he's ever known and all he's ever wanted to be. So when he's off doing his job and rescuing the people stranded in a wolf sanctuary he's not prepared to meet the woman of his dreams. So he does what he does best and sends them off to safety. Soon after he ends up in hospital for work-related fatigue and smoke inhalation. Again his unexpected encounter with Callie leaves him questioning his decision to stay detached.

Callie's preoccupied with nursing her dad back to health and finding a permanent home for the surviving wolves from the sanctuary. But Tyler is a welcome distraction, for the moment. Even though she knows her feelings for Tyler are not to be take mildly, she knows that making this a long term relationship is going to be next to impossible. So when she breaks it off with him in hopes of saving her from heartbreak later, she realises that she's already too far gone. Thank goodness Tyler comes to the same conclusion and we get a lovely HEA where all parties concerned make the best of decisions.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.