Beautiful Stranger (Chance Encounters #2)

Beautiful Stranger (Chance Encounters #2) - Hedonist Six You can always depend on Hedonist Six to keep it real. Not much in her books are overly fictional or too fairytale like. In fact you can expect them to be so relatable that it sometimes feels you are reading a page out of a book on your own life. Genuine people with with genuine problems, unexpected meetings and situations that turn out to blessings in disguise and leave you wondering how did you get so lucky. We've all been through that at some point in our lives. So you will not be disappointed with "Beautiful Strangler". Peter and Claudia are both leading seemingly (un)satisfactory lives, working dead end jobs on their respective planes but a chance meeting and a great camaraderie, leads to blossoming friendship and forces them to re-evaluate their lives.

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