Witch's Fate

Witch's Fate - Linsey Hall Sofia Viera is out for some warlock blood. In spite of being the only man she has ever loved, Malcolm Brent seems hell bent on tearing her life apart repeatedly. Now the fate of her entire village rests in his hands.

Malcolm had to give up Sofia a long time ago to achieve his target of becoming a warlock, a decision he has regretted over the centuries. Now he will do anything to convince her they can be together in spite of him being an Oath Breaker. But in the process he has endangered her village and the lives of the people entrusted to her. An impossible task lies ahead but there are more sinister forces at work than they realize. They may not only face losing the quest but each other as well.

A fast-paced and action packed story with plenty of steamy romance and delightfully wicked bantering between the main characters. Also plenty of appearances of characters from previous books in the series.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.