The Cinderella Princess (Royal Holiday Book 1)

The Cinderella Princess (Royal Holiday Book 1) - Melissa McClone Trust issues, twisted families with black sheep, skeletons in closets? Oh yeah you will get a good dose of that right here. Emily Rodgers has worked damned hard for her company but has borne the burden of a thankless job for a while. When the chance to make partner comes up she is all on board to do whatever it takes, even if it means putting up with a spoiled brat, playboy, party animal, scandal-magnet royal. Prince Lucas Alexander Leopold Casimir von Rexburg of Alvernia has 2 weeks to clean up his act and find some princess who would be willing to marry him otherwise he must face being disowned by his father, the King of Alvernia. And that would be fine with him except Luc has been living a secret life and more than him, it is the work he does for sick children that will be affected. But Emily knows about the children and Luc doesn't want anyone to know about the charity and so it cannot be used as a selling point to attract a princess bride his father would approve of. And then he realizes he's in love with Emily and the feeling is mutual. But their future is doomed. So Emily must find him the perfect princess bride and give up her dreams of finding love and happiness with Luc.

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